The Curated Guide to Cannabis in the Bay Area: Best Dispensaries, Deliveries, Edibles + More – 7×7

It’s no secret that the past year has been hard on business. At least 85 of San Francisco’s restaurants have closed. Relatives around the country are calling us to ask about the supposed “San Francisco Exodus” of former downtown workers. The local arts scene is standing on its last leg.

Luckily, however, our right to spend our money on legal pot was protected. Cannabis businesses were declared essential, and though a few dispensaries closed (like the medical-era Urban Pharm, RIP), the majority have hung on. While smoking and vaping remains prohibited at cannabis lounges due to Covid-19, some, like at Posh Green Boutique, now let you sit down and enjoy an edible. And even though the traditional 4/20 festivities at Hippie Hill are canceled again this year, a few outdoor events, like the High, San Francisco! cannabis-themed scavenger hunt on April 17th, have been given the go-ahead.

Whether you plan to gather with your pandemic pod or just enjoy a day parked in front of the TV, 2021 is most definitely a year to celebrate all the herb has given us. Impulsively bought pre-rolls, after all, saved us from many a night of pandemic boredom. Cannabis-infused salves and lotions cured

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