Grow Light in The Darkness (Blind Grower Sees Hope in Oklahoma)

CANNABIS CULTURE – Kenny Abbe took an Oklahoma growhouse by storm when he started growing some of the most beautiful cannabis plants without having the benefit of being able to actually see them.  

“Disability is only a true disability if the person suffering from it allows it to disable them,’ Abbe said. 

In 2014, Abbe was living life as any other family man, working and raising his children with his wife, Shayana.  Then tragedy struck.  A horrible single-vehicle accident saw Abbe thrown through the windshield, nearly decapitating him, and left his wife severely injured as well.  Both spent several months in the hospital recovering.  Unfortunately, the long stay in hospital meant that they lost many of their worldly possession to pay bills and survive, but the repercussions did not end there.  Abbe had not been expected to survive, and the damage to his skull was to the extent that neither of his eyes could be saved.  While doctors did manage to save his life, both eyes had to be removed.   

Now living in a world of darkness, Abbe had a choice to make.  Would he succumb to the inevitable fear and depression that followed this life-changing and

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