DEA Will Begin Granting Marijuana Cultivation Licenses

The Drug Enforcement Administration made a milestone announcement earlier this month with the news that the DEA will begin granting marijuana cultivation licenses to various third-party applicants, significantly expanding medical and scientific cannabis research in the United States.

The announcement came on May 14, with the Administration saying it “is nearing the end of its review of certain marijuana grower applications, thereby allowing it to soon register additional entities authorized to produce marijuana for research purposes.”

It will mark a significant change, as the only current approved supplier of cannabis for research purposes in the United States is the National Center for the Development of Natural Products at the University of Mississippi, where the marijuana cultivation “has been exclusively for the National Institute on Drug Abuse.”

“Pending final approval, DEA has determined, based on currently available information, that a number of manufacturers’ applications to cultivate marijuana for research needs in the United States appears to be consistent with applicable legal standards and relevant laws. DEA has, therefore, provided a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to these manufacturers as the next step in the approval process,” the agency said in its announcement.

In December, the agency said it “finalized new regulations pertaining to applications by entities

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