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Lawmakers in New Hampshire are continuing to work on a new piece of legislation that could legalize recreational weed.

Earlier this month, the bill cleared the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Now, it’s working its way through the Senate.

Most recently, the bill moved to the state’s Senate Judiciary Committee. That group is now considering whether or not to continue advancing the bill.

Will New Hampshire Legalize Recreational Cannabis?

The bill currently being looked at by the Senate Judiciary Committee would introduce a number of big changes to New Hampshire’s cannabis laws.

Most immediately, it would make it legal for adults to possess and consume cannabis for recreational purposes.

More specifically, it would be legal for adults 21 and up to possess up to an ounce of weed. Similarly, adults would be allowed to possess up to five grams of hash or concentrates.

Additionally, the bill would let adults grow their own weed at home. If it passes into law, adults could start growing up to six plants at a time.

And finally, the bill would also pave the way for a full scale retail system in the state. This would include infrastructure for regulating and monitoring the legal cannabis

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Cannabis users left with a mountain of waste from pot packaging can now drop it off at two London dispensaries to be recycled under a free program launched by Canada’s biggest marijuana company on Earth Day.

Cannabis users left with a mountain of waste from pot packaging can now drop it off at two London dispensaries to be recycled under a free program launched by Canada’s biggest marijuana company on Earth Day.

Tweed, a subsidiary of Smiths Falls-based cannabis producer Canopy Growth, partnered with TerraCycle, an American recycling company, to introduce the first Canada-wide cannabis packaging recycling program, the companies announced Monday.

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Actor Seth Rogen is joining calls for the Canadian government to expunge the criminal records of drug users who were convicted of simple pot possession.

Rogen used this year’s 4/20 event to draw attention to the Cannabis Amnesty campaign, which wants the government to issue “blanket pardons” for the offence now that recreational marijuana has been legalized across the country.

“4/20 is also about activism and I’d like to raise awareness to some of the injustices that revolve around cannabis in Canada,” Rogen wrote to his 6.7 million Instagram followers on Saturday.

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A bill that would permit the use of medical marijuana by residents of public housing in states with legal medicinal cannabis programs was introduced in Congress last week. The measure, the Marijuana in Federally Assisted Housing Parity Act of 2019, was introduced on Thursday by Democratic Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, a nonvoting delegate from the District of Columbia.

Under current federal regulations, those who use drugs that are illegal under federal law, including cannabis used medicinally, are ineligible for federal public housing assistance. Landlords are also permitted under federal law to evict residents for using cannabis or other drugs. Norton said that the law should be changed for those residents of public housing who are using cannabis medicinally in accordance with state law.

“Individuals living in federally funded housing should not fear eviction simply for treating their medical conditions or for seeking a substance legal in their state,” Norton said

Norton noted that for the past several years, Congress has prohibited the Department of Justice from using federal funds to prevent jurisdictions from implementing their medical marijuana laws. The Marijuana in Federally Assisted Housing Parity Act would extend similar protection to individuals who use marijuana in federally assisted housing in

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The Denver City Council will decide on Monday night whether to allow cannabis consumption clubs to operate closer to daycare centers and some other so-called sensitive use facilities than currently permitted. The council is expected to approve the measure after passing it 9-2 in an earlier preliminary vote.

Under the ordinance, cannabis consumption lounges would be permitted to be located within 500 feet of daycare, recreation, and addiction treatment centers. Current law requires cannabis clubs to be located at least 1,000 feet from such facilities. Clubs would still have to be at least 1,000 feet away from schools under the new law.

Cannabis consumption will still not be permitted outside the clubs or in the view of the public. Supporters of the measure say it will allow for more cannabis consumption lounges to open in the city while reducing the use of cannabis in public. Opponents of the measure are concerned about the consequences of loosening cannabis laws in the city even further.

The new ordinance could have made the difference for a cannabis club that activist and business owner Cindy Sovine had planned to open.

“As the second business applicant to apply for a social consumption permit, I went

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The town of Salem, West Virginia has about 1,400 residents. Around 850 of them are registered voters. Despite its diminutive size, Salem was on the verge of decriminalizing simple possession. An advocacy group, Sensible Movement Coalition, had gathered enough signatures to get the issue on the ballot for the city’s June 4 municipal election. But in February, city officials took the measure off the ballot after West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner’s office said the decriminalization ordinance would violate state law. That decision was subsequently challenged in court. And on Friday, U.S. District Judge Thomas S. Kleeh granted a temporary injunction requiring Salem to put cannabis decriminalization back on the June 4 ballot.

The WV Decrim Vote that Was, then Wasn’t, is Back On

West Virginia legalized medical cannabis on the eve of 4/20, 2017. But the program still isn’t up and running, two years later. At the start of 2019, some Virginia House Democrats introduced a bill to legalize adult-use marijuana. But that proposal is locked in committee and likely won’t advance further. But the idea behind state lawmakers’ bid for full legalization was to let communities chart their own course on cannabis. That’s exactly what Salem, West

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Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s took advantage of the 420 weekend to call for the reform of marijuana laws and the expungement of past convictions for cannabis possession. In a tweet and accompanying video posted on Saturday morning, the Vermont-based company called attention to the racial disparity in the enforcement of cannabis laws.

“It’s hard to celebrate 4/20 when so many people of color are still being arrested for pot,” the tweet reads. “We have to do better.”

Racial Bias in Cannabis Enforcement

The campaign continues on the Ben & Jerry’s website, where the famously socially conscious company noted that marijuana policy reform has made great strides in recent years and that “fans of cannabis can celebrate 4/20 openly and in style in more places than ever before.”

Even in states that haven’t yet legalized cannabis, 420 celebrants are unlikely to be hassled by the cops, the company says, “if you’re a white person.”

Ben & Jerry’s also noted that people of color are underrepresented in the growing cannabis industry while facing criminal charges more often.

“If you love pot AND you’re white, everything is totally awesome these days. In 2017, 81% of cannabis executives were white. Meanwhile, even

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